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Adjusting to Life with Paraplegia

A lot of things can happen to change a person’s way of life, and nothing can be more drastic than having suffered a spinal cord injury. Aside from the serious pain that comes along with the injury, a person with a spinal cord injury needs to readjust things that have been natural to them before and live a life with restrictions and limitations. Paraplegia is one of many spinal cord injuries that people can suffer from and affect a person’s personal and professional life.

Paraplegia is a form of paralysis affecting the lower half of the body. Major injuries on the spinal cord can give way to paraplegia, although the website of Ravid & Associates, P.C., also acknowledges that there are some diseases and genetic conditions that can make people develop this condition. It usually affects the reflex and senses in the lower extremities of the body, disabling the ability of the person to walk or stand on their own. There are two types of paraplegia – complete and incomplete.

People who suffer from complete paraplegia loose all sensory and motor nerve functions below where the injury occurred, and they may require wheelchairs to move about. People who are incomplete paraplegics can have some nerve or sensory below the area of injury since a only a certain portion on nerves in the spinal cord are damaged.

Those who suffer from paraplegia, however, should not give up on getting back to their normal life. There are many ways they can still live independently, and there are still many opportunities for them to work and enjoy life to the fullest. Proper rehabilitation and practice can help improve the condition, and it can also help in adjusting how the paraplegic can get back to how they lived their life before the injury. Although readjustments should be made, having paraplegia does not mean they have become useless or invalid. This is big and rude misconception. Limitations are different from hindrances in living life as a paraplegic.

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